BOLT by Dmitry Shostakovich
Ballet in Two Acts
Alexei Ratmansky
Semyon Pastukh
Pavel Sorokin
At the factory:
Nastya, Komsomol organizer
Kozekkov, Bureaucrat
Chief Engineer
Factory director
At the boozer:
Fermented Dough
Manka Fart
Fyodor BEER
Ivan Corkscrew
Ivashka, homeless child
Scene 1

At the factory, the working day starts off with a physical drill session. One of the workers is out of step this is Denis. He can think of nothing but his break-up with Nastya. They engage in painful conversation.

The workers are preparing to put a new shop into production. The Draughtsman, Technician-adjuster and the Typists check the machines. They are followed by the Factory Director, Chief Engineer and bureaucrat, Kozelkov, a somewhat ambiguous character, who carry out a final inspection.

While the opening ceremony is in progress, the cleaners make sure the shop is spick and span. The ribbon is cut the shop goes into action.

Denis leaves his work-place and has a bite to eat. Shock-worker Yan, goes to the telephone and reports to the management. Denis is sacked. Nastya takes his place, she is much more indignant than anyone else.

Scene 2

An upset Denis makes for the boozer which is run by Fermented Dough. Among the boozer regulars who do not work at the factory are Manka Fart, Ivan Corkscrew and Fyodor Beer, as well as the as the inseparable Ficus and Patchouli. The appearance of Kozelkov, with his Lady-friends, arouses a violent reaction from Denis, the former, after all, was one of those responsible for sacking him. Following them into the boozer, comes Nastya. Seeing Denis, she feels awkward, but she is prepared to talk to him in the capacity as factory komsomol organizer.

Deniss only response is to be rude to her. Yan comes running into the boozer. He intends to give Denis a good dressing-down: he ends up though on the floor. Denis is jubilant.
Evening. Denis has an idea: if he inserts a bolt into one of the factory machines, work at the hateful shop will be brought to a halt. He intends to take along Ivashka, a homeless child, to help him accomplish his design. The boozer regulars give the idea their joyful approval.


Divertissment ACT 2

Marine Conference:
Red Army Dancesr:
Female swimmers
Red Army men
Red Navy men
Budyonny cavalry
Scene 3

The working day has comes to an end, the factory workers go home. Denis and Ivashka creep up to the factory gates. Their plan is foiled by the appearance of Yan who, noticing suspicious shadows, rushes into the shop. At this very moment, there is a short circuit. Denis summons the factory guards and tells them that it is Yan who put a bolt into one of the machines. Nastya comes running in and watches as Yan is arrested. She is at a loss to know what to think.

Ivashka, who feels guilty, objects to this turn of events and tells truth. Denis is marched off by the guards. Nastya begs Yans forgiveness for her moments of doubt. Nastya and Yan will now make a real man of Ivashka. A new life begins for him.

Scene 4

The action which follows takes place in a dream. Ivashka, sees himself amidst Red Army men, saving Red Army Fleet from a diversaboteur.

The subsequent fate of the heroes of the ballet is unknown.

The Bolshoi Theatre inside The "Bolt" ballet is beeing rehearsed.
Photos by Vyacheslav Podorozhny (part 1, 2).

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