"When in 1944 I moved from my native Leningrad to Moscow, the future ballet master Yuri Grigorovich had not yet finished his course at the choreography school... Some time later Leningrad Kirov Theatre (now Mariinsky) arrived in Moscow with some guest performances, and I saw its "Legend of Love". The ballet for many years ahead predicted the philosophic and civil stance of the young but already infinitely talented ballet master Yuri Nikolaevich Grigorovich. I was deeply impressed by the ballet and regretted that I did not dance any longer..." Galina Ulanova
  "There are roles of which only small bits come to be loved by actors. On the contrary, in "The Legend" I enjoy every moment of Mehmene’s stage life. The very poses, movements, their sequence talentedly found and subordinated wisely to the logic of the character, are so expressive, that the only thing for the dancer to do is to impeccably perform them.
Such is, altogether, the refined elaborate choreography of Grigorovich’s staging with its gentle movements which hark back to the Persian miniatures."
Ìàóà Plissetskaya
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