Anna Antonicheva is the winner of I Transcaucasian Competition of Ballet Artists (1988), the international competition of Ballet Artists in Jackson (1998, 1-st prize). In 1999 she was awarded the "Ballet" magazine prize - " Soul of Dance " in the Ascending Star nomination.

Anna Antonicheva, Honoured artist of Russia.

Was born in Baku. She finished the Moscow Choreography College (under Professor Sofia Golovkina). After completing her course in 1991 joined the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet Company. In the Bolshoi she attended classes and prepared all her solo parties under the supervision of the USSR Peopleís Artist Őŗrina  Óndratieva, the Bolshoi choreographer-tutor. Currently she works under the guidance of the USSR Peopleís Artist Ekaterina Maksimva.

The ballerinaís repertoire includes main and solo parties in the following classical and modern ballets:

" Don Quixote "
" The Legend about love "
" Swan Lake "
(V.Vasilievís version)
" Swan Lake ",
( Y.Grigorovichís version)
ődetta - Odille
" Giselle "
Giselle and Őirta
" Romeo and Juliet "
" Spartacus "
" The Sleeping Beauty "
ņurora and Princess Florina
" La Bayadere "
" The Symphony in C "
The ballet soloist
" Chopiniana "
" Love for Love "
" Carnival in Venice "
Concert number
" Esmeralda "
Diana, Concert number
" Listening into the music by Mozart "

Concert number

" Tango "
Concert number
" Taming the fire "
(S. Bobrovís version)

Concert number

" Notre-Dame de Paris "


" Raymonda " Raymonda
" ņgon " The ballet soloist
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