Belogolovtsev is unique among the young male Bolshoi Theatre cast to have proved his capability to solve drama tasks through virtuosity in dancing.

Boys and girl at the Bolshoi Theatre. Konstantin Sergeev,

Austere fidelity and dedication to the art of ballet is the main plot of the life of this remarkable dancer.

The nominee of a Golden mask award - Dmitri Belogolovtsev.

Today Dmitri Belogolovtsev belongs in the narrow circle of the most interesting and virile heroes of the Bolshoi Theatre. He is considered to be the best Spartacus of our days. And simultaneously the ugly Quazimodo, passionate Romeo, and reckless Basil... Though the premier hasnít yet reached the age of 30, he has over 20 years of choreographic experience.

Totalitarnyi ballet. –ÓŮŮiˇ, August 19, 2003
ņlla Anufrieva

He was perfectly careful in finishing Ferkhad and Spartacus parts, he was splendidly improvisative as Basil, the waves of his Abderakhmanís inescapable passion swept over the arrogant countess Raymonda, and his Soloist awakened and saturated the cold choreolabyrinths in "Agon" with the vigorous energy of his dance.

Tradition... And new realities. Sergei Konaev

The honoured actor of Russia, Premiere of the Bolshoi Ballet Dmitri Vladimirovich Belogolovtsev was born on November 26, 1973 in Lvov.

D. Belogolovtsev graduated from the Moscow Choreography College in Alexandr Bondarenkoís class and in 1992 he joined the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet Company.

In 1995 Dmitri Belogolovtsev finished his course of studies at the Performer Faculty of the Moscow Academy of Choreography

The awards:

1993 -

III prize and the bronze medal at the International Competition of Ballet Artists in Moscow.
1998  - II prize at the International Competition of Ballet Artists in Jackson, USA.
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